2012 Kurrimine Beach

Christmas Party and Presentations


The 2012 Kurrimine beach party was recently held in glorious conditions at Kurrimine Beach. Whilst the water slide and water pistols provided some refreshing entertainment for the young and young at heart older members, the real focus was on the bloke in the red suit with the white beard.

Santa arrived late for the Christmas party in typical Kurrimine beach style, via the Coral Sea.

Whilst Santa’s hoard of club sponsored gifts for the kids was no real surprise, the boat commencing to sink with Santa and his three helpers on board, saw the festivities take on an entirely more interesting appeal.

Santa’s sleigh Skipper Dave Copeland from King Reef Resort, under the close scrutiny of his North Pole crew, had apparently decided to forego bungs in his haste to deliver Santa on time!! Needless to say Santa did arrive safely, all be it soaked from his sojourn.

Outstanding achievements were presented to the following anglers in their respective categories:

Senior Male Reef Champion – Steve Brooker

Senior Male Reef Runner up – John Glewis

Senior Female Reef Champion – Thelma Nuss

Senior Female Reef Runner up – Sally Maley


Junior Male Reef Champion – Bryce Maley

Junior Male Reef Runner up – Chad Formosa

Junior Female Reef Champion – Jade Maley

Junior Female Reef Runner up – Skye Maley


Senior Male Estuary Champion – Ricky Cooper

High School Male Estuary Champion –Duke Krammer